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I got the following today in my mailbox. They were trying to sell cheap
drugs (the ad appeared below this paragraph), so I'm not sure why they
felt the need to write nonsense. It *looks* like a pargraph. It has
capitalization and punctuation---well, periods and commas and such. <G>
Words are spelled correctly, for the most part.

Fascinating piece of "writing" though---why did they pick what they
did? If it were meant to get my attention, it worked. <bwg>

Anyway, I was thinking about reading vs comprehension. I'm a pretty
good reader! But although I could read almost every word, I couldn't
comprehend much of anything! <G>

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Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference
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Sandra Dodd

Anyway, I was thinking about reading vs comprehension. I'm a pretty
good reader! But although I could read almost every word, I couldn't
comprehend much of anything! <G>-=-

I think the comprehension IS the reading.

When you read someone's face, it means you can interpret their mood
or meaning or see whether they're sick, maybe, on in pain by the way
their face looks. It's not "reading a face" if you just take it in
your gaze and see that it's a face.

If reading is just sounding out a word or seeing if you know what a
word means, I can read several languages.
If reading means (as I think it does) seeing the words and knowing
the meaning of the writing, taking the message from the writing, then
I can only read English fluently. Occasionally a passage of French
or Spanish turns to meaning and pictures in my head, but usually
they're letters I could sound out that only turn to mechanically-
sounded-out words.


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Well, I couldn't read it at all without it hurting my brain. I read
a couple of lines at the top and one at the bottom. If it were in a
book for some reason, and I've known a few books that do stuff like
that, I would force myself to read it knowing that it may hold a clue
to some other part of the book, otherwise the author wouldn't have
put it in there. It still would've been a painful moment for me

I'm a slow reader, really slow. Sometimes my eyes scan ahead, but my
brain doesn't trust that it's just read and comprehended that info,
so I have to go back and read it word for word. I think it's a habit
that came from reading excercises in school. Lately I've been trying
to stop doing that so that I can get through the Harry Potter books.
I need to trust that my eyes are seeing what I think they are seeing,
and not second guess myself and backtrack to rrreeeeaaaadddd it again.

I need to do this because Chamille has challenged me to a reading
contest with the new Harry Potter book. She doesn't second guess
herself when she reads and she reads fast fast fast! If she does
this, it will be her first novel that she will have read on her own.
So, in a few days I will be buying 2 Harry Potter books. Day camp is
next week and we are going to wait until the weekend after to start
the books.


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> > How odd! It seems to be mixed clips from Asimov fiction.

Frank (dh) says this is probably AI writing, sourced from an Asimov
novel, designed to fool spam blockers so the pharmaceutical ad could
get into your Inbox.

My conversation with him about this led us on a merry connection spree
through the world of newsgroups, flonkers, and electronic character
readers. Learning all the time!