Holly O

I just wanted to add to this post since it is so timely.

My daughter went in for a dental work today under general anesthesia. Over the last two years I've watched her teeth get worse with regard to cavities. Her first visit, last year, was to a pediatric dentist. The hygienist was so unmindful that my daughter left the office in tears. Our next visit to a dentist didn't fair much better because as she developed a fear of dentistry from her first visit. We where recommended to another local pediatric dentist. They where by far the worst. The dentist wanted me to hold my daughter down while he opened her mouth. I told him that I found his tactics very harmful and he told me that I was doing my daughter a disservice....I left there in a hurry. (This particular office also routinely sedates problem children and straps them down in what they call a papoose....more like a straight jacket to me!). I made an appointment with another pediatric dentist who was highly recommended but was on a 6 month waiting period. When my daughter developed an abscess they took her in right away.
Thanks to all good things in this world, this dentist is a gem. She is extremely patient and kind. We tried to have one cavity fixed in the office and my poor daughter was in a lot of pain. It was then we decided to do all of the work at once under general anesthesia.
In spite of good hygiene, my daughter had at least a dozen teeth filled and 2 removed (accidents). It's been a long ordeal, but at no time, in any of the offices, was she alone. I was always with her and had any of the dentist not allowed me to be with her I would have walked out the door.
To this day, I'd travel hours to find a good, caring dentist. My daughter needed my presence and after many months of searching I found a caring professional. If your son needs you to be with him, find a good, caring dentist...I wish you both luck.

(I also understand the insurance problem...I don't think our insurance is going to cover her procedure and it will cost us over $6000.00....we are going to have to make major adjustments to our lives to pay it off...but my girl is worth every penny!)

Best wishes for you and your son,

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