Jason Holm

Hey, all! The new episode is now up on the newly redesigned site! I've
also added a blog to add links to articles, sites and programs I find
while surfing around, and a place for folks to sign up for email updates.

I also want to try out more with the animation idea - something a
little simpler than my original idea to start with. Has anyone seen
the new show "Creature Comforts"? Basically, they record real people
talking about a topic. No scripts, just different groups sharing their
real opinions. Then they take the voices and add animated clay animals
speaking the words. I'd like to try something like that.

If your kids (of any age) are interested, have them send me a sound
file where they talk about their favorite game -- be it a board game,
sport, card game, video game, whatever! They can talk about WHY it's
their favorite game, or they can describe what it's about or explain
to others briefly how to play it. Hopefully this will provide some
good results and be a fun experience for the kids who are part of it,
as well as entertaining to those watching.

Thanks to everyone who has visited! Hope to hear from you soon!
-Jason Holm