Sandra Dodd

I got this from an SCA list I'm on.

It's Darth Vader, having been posted (in his younger days) as a guard
on Endor, where he meets King Arthur, and...

It reminded me of other situations in which one needs to know two
things in fair detail before the juxtaposition of them can be useful
(funny, profound, whatever).

One current example is that Prince has recorded a Joni Mitchell
song. For those who know Joni Mitchell's music and history well, and
who are very familiar with Prince and his own musical styles and
abilities, it's WONDERFUL. Someone hearing it without knowing either
as a songwriter or as a singer would probably just shrug and be
confused. You can get it from iTunes for 99cents. "A Case of You,"
written by Joni Mithcell and performed by Prince, from a Joni
Mitchell tribute album which hasn't gotten very good reviews outside
of this one track and another couple are sometimes mentioned.