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3g. Re: housekeeping, eating, and unschooling
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When my kids were older, I wanted to get rid of all our plastic
dishes but they're still attached to some of their favorites. We've
moved steadily more toward ceramic and glass though. <g>


That's funny. <g>

We have a pool and a brand new bitchin' deck (thanks to Ren's sweet
husband, Bleu). Because of that, we're eating even more meals outside
now. But due to the pool and stuff, we also have lots of bare feet....
So we've moved from ceramic and glass to almost ALL plastic. Plates,
stemware, flatware, bowls, serving pieces, etc. All "tropical" hues.
<g> In fact, I have a ton of new plastic-ware for parties (26 guests
just left a party (fajitas & margaritas) at our house tonight).

The older we all get, the more we move towards plastic. Go figure! <g>

But back to the topic: our lives are pretty clean and orderly, but I
have two onlies (19 & 11). But it's different for each family: if one
family runs on "clean" and homemade, then someone needs to make that
happen (I choose cook from scratch and clean a lot! While others
sleep.). But if paper plates and convenience foods and clutter give
more time to the kids, that's what needs to happen. People before
things, right? <g>


Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference

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