I have read with fascination the on-going saga of TV and yesterday I
was listening to NPR and heard a conversation with a young man
called either "Long Long" or "Lang Lang". He's supposed to one of
the worlds best piano players and the reason he started playing
piano was really young because he saw the Tom and Jerry Cartoon on
TV where Tom is playing really fast and well and it inspired him to
become a professional concert player....

Just shows how something I would consider uninspiring (Tom and
Jerry) is so inspiring for someone else!!!

Loved what those of you who have been self directed learners for
years had to say and to question.... Those are the people I respect.

Off to watch my TV TIVO recording of Medium.... I'm sure someone's
thinking it's a waste of time (LOL).


Dawn F
Tucson, AZ
Zak 11, Max 7