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I just want to announce that the Early Bird Deadline is looming. April
30 is the last day for the discount. And unlike it years past, when
I've fudged a day or two or waited on mail sent on the deadline (or
just after), this year it's all automated. On May 1st, the price goes

PLEASE register before it's pricier! You don't have to pay for meals or
lodging---just registration by this date. You may pay for lodging next
month and the meal plans two months later. As long as it's all paid for
by July 31, we're good.

We'll be working like crazy to update the website this week and next
week. There will be lots of new stuff announced and rearranged, so stop
by often! And remember, this conference is what *you* make it! If
there's something you'd like to see there, offer it; we'll try to make
it happen!

And don't forget to register!!!


Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference
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