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1a. I'm new here, hello
Posted by: "wendereynolds" wendereynolds@... wendereynolds
Date: Tue Apr 24, 2007 3:07 pm ((PDT))

Hi. I'm Wende, unschooling my two great kids Ben (5, almost 6) and
Aliza who is 4. I read several of John Holt's books while I was
pregnant with Ben, and we decided this would be the way to go for us
from the start. I'm by far the "primary" parent, but my husband John
(who travels a lot) is a super "outide the box" guy who keeps things
fresh and exciting. We live in coastal SC.

I've joined the group for some support and inspiration. I belong to
an active homeschooling community, but most of the members are "school
at home" families. I respect and am grateful for my local group but
sometimes have questions, musings and quandaries very specific to our
unschooling lifestyle. I'm pleased to have found myself here!


Not only is the conference in Asheville, NC this September (600-700 or
more unschoolers in one place!), but there's an unschooling group
somewhere near you.

We have School's Out Support (statewide) and ChazUnschoolers---and the
NCUnschoolers are very active if you're closer to the NC line.

Googling "Unschooling/ers" and "your state" (for example: unschooling
MT or unschoolers ID) should always get you a dozen or so hits.

Also---if there is NOT a group near you, start one! Post on the local
inclusive lists (and others) that you are on and say that you are
looking for other unschoolers. Make an e-group:
CoastalUnschoolers@yahoo.... or something like that. They come out of
the woodwork---they really do! It's just that everyone is waiting for
someone *else* to do the work. BE that someone else!

I'll email you off list about state-specific stuff and to hook you up
with SOS, but to meet unschoolers in your area, you need to be


Kelly Lovejoy
Conference Coordinator
Live and Learn Unschooling Conference

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