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Rethinking Education Conference NEWS
Labor Day Weekend, Aug. 30 - Sept. 3
In today's UPDATE: Monday, April 16
:: 2007 Highlights: Steve Redmond
:: Other 2007 Conference Speakers
:: Register Today for BIG SAVINGS!
:: ART all weekend at the Rethinking Education Conference
:: What To Do NOW
:: MORE 2007 Highlights: Paula Pebsworth

The 11th national conference on Rethinking Education is Labor Day Weekend: Thursday, August 30 - Monday, September 3, 2007 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Irving, Texas , just minutes from Dallas and the DFW Airport. A complimentary shuttle runs to and from the hotel - airport 24 hours a day.
Our website contains up to date information on our program, registration, and all details! Out-of-the-box, fun and provoking sessions for adults, teens, tweens and kids of all ages, all weekend... 5 days!
REGISTER by April 28 and receive a $50 discount per person! EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS IN 2 WEEKS!
VOLUNTEER to further reduce your cost. Check out the volunteer jobs available on our conference website.
We still have SO MUCH to tell you in our updates. Complete information and is available on our website, and we will be adding to the program throughout the summer.

2007 Highlights: Steve Redmond

is a husband of 20 years, father of a 16 year old son who has been unschooled his whole life and a 14 year old daughter who went to a German Waldorf school for 6 years and is starting American High School, of her own choosing. I am now mastering the art of retiring at a young age after a 20 year career in the Air Force and five years of military school. I spend my days as a full time stay at home dad, snowboarder, mountain biker, hiker, baker, swimmer and an untalented but very enthusiastic guitar player and drummer. I am one year into fixing up our 100 year old home and building a shelter in the Rocky Mountains (I have now added and subtracted fractions). I have finally figured out that I really don't know much and I'm happier this way.
Steve will host:
Beyond Harvard and Goat Farming: Real Life
This will be an open discussion group exploring these two questions. Is getting our children into college our measure of success for our children and ourselves as parents? What does a day in the life of an unschooler look like?
Dad's Panel
Fathers sometimes have unique views on unschooling. This is an opportunity to ask a panel of experience unschooling Dads their views, opinions and insights on unschooling. Recommended for Moms and Dads!
Dad's Only Discussion Group: Tough Issues
This open-ended session can continue all weekend if we want it to. There will interest, time and space to discuss such topics as loss of community, isolation, making sense of the rat race, all issues related to unschooling, parenting, etc.


Join hundreds of unschooling families from around the globe as we rethink the meanings of education, learning and parenting. Rethinking Education supports attachment parenting, unconditional love, support for each person's unique journey of life experience, freedom with responsibility, unschooling and you. YOU are the vital ingredient at this conference, as we come together and revel in the magic and mystery of kindred spirits and each other's rich diversity, as we challenge ourselves to trust the extraordinary process of living and learning, the wondrous ability to improve the ways we communicate, discovering new ways of listening to one another, giving full support to our dreams, no matter how wild or ordinary, large or small.
Unschooling is vital to the profoundly intelligent development of our children. And yes, as adults we can even unschool ourselves... as you will discover.

Let us put our minds together and see what we will make for our children.
Chief Sitting Bull

We're Looking for a Few Great Mentors
We are receiving lots of requests for unschool mentoring! Thank you to all of you who have already volunteered to help - everyone appreciates you. Unschooling is very much a "Brave New World" for many, and your experience and wisdom can be a glorious breath of fresh air for a mom who passionately wants to embrace unschooling but is struggling. If you can offer some time to mentor someone, email Barb at barb@.... Typically, a mentoree will want to exchange emails with you for a few weeks, or, with your permission, call you at their expense to talk through their challenge. LOVE to you!

Please forward this email update to your friends!
Did you know you can forward this entire, fully formatted update to all your friends and relatives who may want to attend the Rethinking Education 2007 conference? It's easy! Go to the bottom of this update and click on "forward email". You can even send your friends a message to let them know how much you want them to attend. We look forward to having a broad and diverse community of unschool families with us this year.

Other 2007 Conference Speakers

Just look at this roster of outstanding speakers we've lined up for the Rethinking Education Conference 2007:

John Taylor Gatto
Michael Mendizza
Ren Allen
Peter Kowalke

And oh so many more!

Register Today for BIG SAVINGS!
REGISTER by April 28 and receive a $50 discount per person! HURRY! EARLY REGISTRATION ENDS IN 2 WEEKS!

ART all weekend at the Rethinking Education Conference

NEW this year! Open-ended art will be a highlight this year, with maximum opportunity to spend time experimenting and creating original art of all kinds. We've never done anything quite like this before, and are anticipating much fun and spectacular outcomes.
So far, we plan to devote full days to:

ATCs (artist trading cards), with gobs of fun art materials for your creations and trading pleasure.
Sculpture, with all kinds of non-traditional materials to build with.
Babes in Toyland: in this first-time offered, novel experiment, we will be using recycled toys, tools, wire and other adornments to fashion brand new toys.
Costumes: design and create your own with fabric, paper, tapes, sewing machine, threads, string and other innovative materials. Bring your used clothes of all kinds to use for cutting up and redesigning, or swap with someone else's. Be sure to design your own newspaper hat!
Popcorn Planet: who knew that popped corn could become any teeny, tiny creature you want it to be with a few simple adornments? Make a whole town if you want to!
Home Grown Instruments and Conference Jug Band: we will make all sort of homemade instruments with mostly recycled materials, and maybe even make some music together! Who knows, maybe a performance for the Talent Show.

Believe it or not, there's still MORE art in store!

What To Do NOW
Register... You must attend!

The Early Bird Registration discount ends on April 28 - that's just 2 weeks away!
There are many ways to register!
CALL Barb at 817.540.6423
EMAIL barb@...
DOWNLOAD a Registration Form & MAIL or FAX it.
Fax to: 817.545.3599
MAIL to: 3013 Hickory Hill, Colleyville, Texas... 76034

MORE 2007 Highlights: Paula Pebsworth

Paula Pebsworth dreamed of becoming a primatologist from a very young age when her parents left National Geographic magazines lying around. She loved the articles about all animals but poured over the ones about Jane Goodall till they were thin. Everyone told her she couldn't study chimpanzees in Africa and unfortunately she believed them. She went to college in 1980 and loved every minute of it, except for the boring parts like memorizing the Krebs Cycle over and over again and learning organic chemistry equations which she never once used and oh yea that pesky calculus. Well, she survived 4 years at the University of Iowa, worked, but kept dreaming of Africa. 6 years later she went to grad school for more punishment and studied contaminated soils in up state New York. In 1991 she graduated and married a fabulous guy who convinced her, "It is better to try and fail then never to try at all." So one day she decided she would write someone about volunteering her time to
do field work in Madagascar with lemurs. They weren't chimpanzees but it was a start. They said yes! After returning she decided to ask about studying chimpanzees. The answer was yes!! But, she had to pay her own expenses. Who would give her money to do what she had wanted to do her whole life? Her husband Keith suggested she apply for a Fulbright and helped her navigate through the lengthy application process. They said yes. In 1998 her dream was actualized as she journeyed to the Budongo Forest in Uganda to study wild chimpanzee behavior. In 1999 she began studying her own human primates. She says there are many similarities between humans and chimpanzees and in the near future plans to take her children Abigail & Bryce to Africa to live among our closest relatives. The take home message is, if you want your children to dream, leave interesting magazines lying about and teach your children to ask for what they want as, often times, people do say yes. Paula will host:
The View from the Oak: How Animals See the World
Have you ever wondered how bees, snakes, spiders, whales or other non-human creatures see the world, or see us? Through the imaginary eyes of such creatures, Paula will reveal things about our environment that are no less fantastic than science fiction stories about life on other planets.
Medical Heretic: Radiant Life Off the Medical Grid
Rarely, if ever, does a person need the help of traditional medicine, or allopathy, to achieve healing or wellness. In fact, much of allopathic medicine is counterproductive, even dangerous to well being. Learn why why you might choose to avoid vaccines and pharmaceuticals and how alternative approaches to health care such as homeopathy and medicinal herbs are not only safer but produce superior results.

Our conference is provoking, outrageous, inspiring and mind-blowing... for the whole family. Grandparents attend free! Speakers include:
John Taylor Gatto, Ren Allen, Peter Kowalke, Tracy Liebmann, Michael Mendizza, Cindy Gaddis, Eli Gerzon, Debbie Shapiro ... so many more!
Our wildly popular kid and teen activities include:
Kid Village, Teen & Tween Village, non-stop, out-of-the-box art, unprom, yoga, dance, gobs of extraordinary sessions....
Wait! There's more....
Talent Show, Recycled Resource Fair, Family Vendor Fair, Silent Auction, Grateful Space, Monster Pickup Sticks... we're even building a Yurt!

Call or email Barb Lundgren with questions or to register! Rethinking Education
email: barb@...
phone: 817.540.6423

Register by April 28 for HUGE SAVINGS!!! REGISTER by April 28 and receive a $50 discount per person . . .that's just $75 for 5 incredible, action-packed, life changing days... and Grandparents are free!
Check it out now...

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