I skimmed most of the responses. I have a child who raged & I read lots of book hoping to find the one miracle answer. Ha! She did have several therapy sessions and we did some regressions to find out more. Her anger came from a real place when she was a toddler and in traction & a body cast for hip dysplasia. Long story.

However, another factor for her was FOOD. Her reactions to some foods result in her becoming very angry. She is much more pleasant to be around when she is avoiding the foods. At 15 she finally "gets" this.
Though she still makes her own choices & sometimes regrets them later.

We also (as I have done with all my kids & I did with kids when I was working in the school system) give suggestions on not only how to be angry in a way that doesn't harm themselves or others, but also how to RECOGNIZE the beginning feelings before they blow and then give them ideas on what they & we can do to help prevent the explosion, but still respecting the feelings behind it. We also try to give the kids more words to help them explain they type of anger they have if they feel like talking about it. Some of my kids found they liked to draw what they were mad about others liked to be more physical and would crank up music and dance or go for a bike ride, etc. I NEVER let an angry kid get on a horse, as the horse knows & doesn't usually like it. One of my kids finds talking to the horses and brushing them to be very therapeutic and the horses seem to understand and are very calm and nuturing (our horses give hugs). Horses will give angry humans a chance on the ground, but not usually when they are on their backs!

Kerri, mom to:
> Amanda(16), Emma(14), Maddison(12), T(11, foster dd), A
> (10, foster ds), Jonah(10), Saige & Claire(6, monozygotic twin
dds), M
> (6, foster dd), S(5, foster ds) & little boy Teagan(3). I also
> provide casual day-care. Plus 2
> horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 rats, 1 teddy bear hamster & 2 dwarf
> hamsters(& their six babies) & 4 angora guinea pigs.

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