Carole Aguilar

I am not sure if this is the platform, but If anyone has feedback it will be appreciated.
We are the CT family with all the legal problems. With tremendously generous help from Deborah Stevenson I think we are making it through. Its not over till its over though.

My 13 y/o dd was in 8th grade. She didnt go, wouldnt do any work but she loved seeing her friends (for years she did not have any). She was finally referred to a diagnostic center which is an informal small school like setting. She was there in 6th grade. She went 2 days and wanted to be home schooled like my other 2 recently pulled out kids.

Because there are behavioral issues here, its confusing me. She was unhappy at home with her other sibs. She missed all her friends, but the school wouldn't take her back w/o her going to the diagnostic center. Now she is at my folk's house. They don't want her to stay there for any length of time if she is not attending school. (This is fine. She can come home anytime). They have even offered her $150 to go back. I have sent them articles on unschooling, JTGatto, Holt, Dodd articles - alas but they are older and cannot see the light. She is there, seemingly unhappy, then happy. Staying up all night (watching tv and using the computer) and sleeping all day. She has told them that she is NEVER returning to any school. She (along with my other 2 kids) are refusing all field trips.

I think she is deschooling, decompressing and that it is fine and I have assured her that it is ok. Any other ideas?

Carole in CT

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