The next edition will be out on April 1st. The (always optional)
topics for this month are:

***There are two topics this month. Answer both, one...or neither
and blog about something else (#1) Use the letters U-N-S-C-H-O-O-L
to write about unschooling. Use what ever method you want, for
example you can use each letter like "U is for..., N is for..". Or
you can have each letter start a new sentence or paragraph or try
writing an acronym. (#2) A topic that comes up on the unschooling e-
mail groups a lot is TV/computer/video games and how hard it is for
parents to let go of control in those areas. What has been your

Feel free to answer it on your blog, here on this list or by e-mail.
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Thank you for participating. Remember, Unschooling Voices is for ALL
voices, no matter where you are on your unschooling journey. :-)

~ Joanne ~
Mom to Jacqueline (8), Shawna (11) & Cimion (14)


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~ Joanne ~
Mom to Jacqueline (8), Shawna (11) & Cimion (14)


Joanne forgot to post the topic, but I'm such a fan, I looked it up:

May '07:
How has unschooling changed YOU? Yes, it’s about the kids, but is it
ONLY about the kids? I sometimes think unschooling has changed me more
than them. What are your thoughts? Also, here another short, just-for-
fun question this month; share two photos that show what unschooling
currently looks like in your house at this time. You can also tag them
at flickr with our new (thanks Mandy) Unschooling Voices Flickr tag.

I see the tag isn't coming through, but here's the link to the main
page again:

Its about 2/3 of the way down the page.