"My leg didn't.
They must have used plastic or titanium or mithril or something."

Hmmm...Mithril. That wonderful, lightweight, beautiful stuff that saved dear Frodo. Now THAT would make a wonderful metal for the leg!:)

Ren, hoping nobody needs surgery or metal or even bandages this year!!


just thought i would share our day today.

got up 9am and ds5 joined me about half an hour later. made a spider's web from string and pins on card, we found the idea in a book the night before and i said we could make it in the morning. two dds got up while we were making it (8 and 3). they pottered around on computers and watched dvd's while i did some washing (the sun was out and shining very hotly - couldn't miss an opportunity like that - i am a bit sad that i like fresh smelling washing off the line and seeing it flap gently in the slight breeze). we then drifted in to the garden to enjoy the sun and i suggested the paddling pool. nobody very keen but i filled it anyway and ds and dd3 splashed in and out. dad came home about lunch time and we all had bacon sandwhiches. dd8 had a friend over and they played mainly on the computers -shame becos friend said she didn't want to go in the pool as her mum would complain that she would have to wash her hair again and she had already done it that morning :-(. i braved the pool up to my ankles as it was freezing but ds managed to get me with the hosepipe. :-)
ds wanted to go to the park to play cricket and dd8 wanted to go and get some cake bars from the supermarket. dh took dd and i took the other 2 to the shop for their goodies and then to the park to meet up. played some cricket and then went on the swings etc.
bussed it into the city were we lounged in the market square with lots of others (there had been a music festival but we just missed it)
and ate ice-cream. giggled becos they had turned off the fountains to make more sitting areas and we wondered what would happen if they turned them back on again without telling anyone. saw the tiniest 7 day old baby, all curled and fetal like.........
then to church and a chance to meet with friends.
home to pasta and pesto and a warm bath. spider story and a look at the "pooter" ds wants to make tomorrow. some time on the computers. then a suggestion of bedtime which wasn't protested (10.45pm). bible story and prayer, spider story, then lights out. i always lay with them and we chat and usually it is brief but sometimes like tonight they chat and chat.....we covered theology eg. can u take things with u to heaven? does God sleep? etc. History (from "night at the museum")eg. who was attila the hun? where did he come from? (not sure so i will look up) Geography - where does dum dum come from? dd3 asked is he alive? willl he go to heaven? and countless others i cannot remember. ds 5 and dd3 fell asleep. dd8 is usually still awake at this point so we played 3 games of her rainbow fairies and then i have come down and she has happily styed upstairs to play....

just thought i'd share.