Just thought I'd share our candy experiences this year. We've never limited or
controlled the Halloween candy thing here. This year both got a bunch. They
came home and spread it out, we checked it over, and then they spent quite a
bit of time trading off what they didn't want. I was proud of both of them,
the oldest restrained some of her overbearing ways and didn't take advantage
and the youngest was civil and generous with her trades too. They laid them
out and the youngest piled them up and made structures out of them (cuisenaire
training at work) and they ate -- a lot! More than I thought they should be I
kept my mouth shut. The youngest started feeling a bit sick. Not real bad. And
that was it. Next day a piece or two. And the same since... and I imagine,
just like years before, I will be throwing out Halloween candy around Easter
that just never got eaten.

We did something fun this year too. For Fourth of July, I bought a bunch of
glow sticks on ebay for pretty cheap. They don't last forever and we still had
a lot left so as we walked around Trick or Treating I gave out glow sticks to
kids we saw or to the people handing out candy. It was fun and people enjoyed
getting something as they were handing out candy.


Janet Hamlin

Just wanted to share this for those on the fence about the food/candy issue.

Our kids went trick-or-treating Friday night and each came home with a
cauldron, filled to overflowing (the size of those plastic pumpkins). They
ate a few pieces that night, swapped a few, shared a few with us, and put
them up.

Yesterday, as both kids weren't feeling well (colds and coughs) they watched
a lot of Cartoon Network while eating, sorting, and trading candy. For
breakfast, of course. ;). By day's end, I put their cauldrons up (as in on
their bureaus so the dog doesn't get into it), and they were still nearly
full (way more than 3/4) and DH and I each had a few pieces, too.

Today, no one has touched any.


Sarah Thompson

Just a little unschooling observation this am: my six year old has eaten candy almost exclusively since Monday night, with the exception of a couple of carrots and half sandwich. He is in a good mood, acting like his normal self, and sleeping just fine at night. When there is no expectation that candy will equal negative outcomes, I don't see them.