Commentary on "Art, Aging and Spirituality"

Commentary on "Art, Aging and Spirituality"

WOW!!! That is so cool—not just the whole reblossoming of the life of your/Holly's shirt, which is uplifting in itself, but also how you link the whole concept of living through an experience as preparation for your later life in unschooling. If you hadn't been willing yourself to take apart a couple of garments yourself to see how the threads went together to make the ultimate whole garment, how would you years later have been able to see how the threads of life experience go together to make the whole garment of life-long learning that your children (and you) are now enjoying from patterns you make yourself?

(Wynn, an in-person friend who knows Holly,
and who homeschools in New York state)

Hi Sandra,

I love reading your thoughts on unschooling. I've been 'doing' it for 13+ years. Got eight kids. I too used to sew my own clothes from the hassle free book. That brought back such memories. I wore these in 8th grade and up. I loved that book.

My 11, 8, and 4 year olds are currently hot on the medieval trail. Is there a 'hassle free' book for historical/period clothing? Thanks for being there to inspire me.

Bright blessings,

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