Sandra in the 1980s

Marriage, Children, SCA,
Radical Mom-Work

Sometimes there's a good driver's license photo.

* The 1980's were busily overbooked and we rode it through. The first half of the decade I was an SCA corporate vice president (Seneschal of Atenveldt) and then president (Steward of the Society). * For much of that time I was also working full time (50 hours) at the records office at UNM, and when I quit that job I was asked by the board what I would take to be steward full time and not get another job. It didn't take much.

Other highlights too long to detail:

Two weddings (same day: modern and medieval) on March 31, 1984. *

* A hugely broken leg, July 1985, resulting in a week in the hospital, six months in a cast, involvement in Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings and a surprise pregnancy.

Kendall Kirby Dodd, July 29, 1986

Involvement in La Leche League and Cesarean Prevention Movement, continuation of four years active with Al-Anon's Adult Children of Alcoholics group, which profoundly improved my life.

Martin Alexander Dodd, January 14, 1989

Somehow I found time to drop out of grad school three times in the 1980s, from English twice and American Studies once.

I really liked that t-shirt.


There were easier decades:
1950's , 1960's , 1970's , the then-future 1990's and (so far) NOWADAYS !

Life's rough sometimes, and still a sweet whirlwind. [email protected]