Guest Fest, al-Barran
Meet People and Learn Things
Guest Fest is (was in 2007) a series of talks and workshops on many topics, for the benefit of the people of al-Barran. Some will be on European history, or SCA history. Some will be practicalities of SCA life. We will have music, woodworking, knotwork (in many media), needlework (in cooperation with the Thursday needlework group), and other topics to be determined.
WHO: Anyone with an interest in the topic
WHERE: Manzano Mesa Community Center
Please subscribe to the announcements list or check back here each week to confirm.
WHEN: 7:00 each Thursday evening
HOW: In garb!
WHY: To meet people you might not have met,
and to learn things you might not have learned
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Place and Time:
Thursdays from 7:00 to nearly-9:00,
Manzano Mesa Community Center

PREVIOUS SESSION reviews and resources

Growth and Change
1/11/07 Period Music
1/18/07 Camping Comfort and Safety
1/25/07 Being King and Queen
2/1/07 Ballads
2/8/07 Estrella history
2/15/07 no Guest Fest; Estrella War
2/22/07 Stories of courtesy, chivalry...
3/1/07 Preparing for A&S Competitions
3/8/07 Early Medieval Archeology in England , with Mistress Helena
3/15/07 Some History of al-Barran, with Sir Stefan
3/22/07 Embroidery, with Duchess Elisheva
3/29/07 Koris, on the Outlands Army
4/5/07 Tomas Fraser, on windows, shoes, instruments, tools, Hastings...
4/12/07 Anne Aliz, on research and explorations
4/19/07 Jochen, on woodcarving
4/26/07 Koris, on training troops (incorporated into the Outlands Army page)
5/3/07 Monika, on Women and Work in the Middle Ages
5/10/07 Leah Kasmira, on netting and hairnets
5/17/07 Aldred, on field heraldry
6/7/07 Avram on travel and commerce
6/14/07 Gunwaldt on knotwork

June 21
Mistress Genevre le Tisserande, Laurel
Costume through the ages: generalities and particulars of time and place. Cool details and ideas.

June 28
Sir Raymond the Quiet Laurel, Pelican
About castings, a little about the process, and about the pieces Raymond has done in the past and recently.

July 5
Mistress Ælflæd of Duckford, Laurel
Calligraphy tricks and ideas for calligraphy other than for scrolls. Pencils, bleach, ghost-ovals, computers (not all at the same time). Something for everyone—beginner, intermediate or experienced.

Perhaps all in the fall...
Master Balthazar Tegero, probably something on the history of law (still thinking)
Mistress Elinor Aurora of Rosewood is willing to come and present.
Master Hieronymus the Sarabite will discuss history of the Catholic Church (not for the faint of heart).
Sir Hrothgar Monomakh, summer, topic undecided (suggestions?)
Mistress Cailte Caitchairn, performances of some of her works with details on how and why they were composed (maybe not until fall).

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