Guest Fest, al-Barran
Meet People and Learn Things

Cathyn on Growth and Change

SPECIAL NIGHT, odd circumstances...
Sir Cathyn Fitzgerald, Knight
       Thoughts on Growth and Change
at Joe's Grill, 2912 Juan Tabo NE, Wednesday the 10th, 6:30 to 9:00, NOT in costume, sorry about the out-of-sequence of it.

Seventeen people came to hear Cathyn speak, including Duke Olaf who was in town for business and Madelyn, a friend of Bardolf's who was visiting from out of town (and who also attended the period music workshop the following night).

With intros by AElflaed and Artan, and occasional input from those and Mistress Helena, Cathyn summarized his SCA life and changes, and talked about practical ways people can work on being better people. One of the main topics was humility.

Modesty, with a link to Cathyn's writings on that topic the ceremony when Cathyn became AElflaed's student (which was referenced in that discussion)

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