The Most Interesting Things in Life

Someone wrote:
I read the other day of a family who threw the tv out the window years ago and how happy they are and how much their kids read etc.

Joyce Fetteroll responded:

"Family" is often used when "parents" is a more accurate term. I truly doubt it was a decision of equals.

If the most interesting thing in children's lives is TV and the parents take it away, they haven't addressed what may be the real problem: that there isn't anything in in their lives more interesting than TV.

It's the parents job to provide things that the *children* think are more interesting than TV.

But sometimes TV *is* the most interesting thing out of a large variety of things the kids enjoy doing. And that needs to be respected. I wouldn't want my husband to take a book I was enjoying away from me because he'd feel like a better husband if I were outside gardening.

Have you talked with them about the things they're enjoying in the movies they're watching? Find out what it is that's drawing them in. Maybe you can find similar things that are out in the world. Or maybe the answer is more movies! ;-)


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