Being nicer

When I was a kid, if my mom had done one nicer thing a day, that would have been thousands of nicer things in my childhood.

What if a mom does two or three nicer things a day?
What if a dad were to do two thoughtfully nice things every day for each child?

My dad was gentle and sweet with us, so that thought seems normal.
The idea of my mom being consciously nicer sounds like a beautiful fantasy.

Even after I got good at making choices toward what was peaceful and fun and funny and accepting, there were, and still are, times I wish I hadn't spoken or acted before thinking of whether there was a nicer way.

If you practice, the idea of doing only two or three nice things in a day will seem like much too small a goal. :-)

Sandra Dodd
(on Facebook, June 23, 2013)

Photos (which are links) of Adam Daniel, whose parents have been extra kind to him:

3/16/13 Thinking, seeing beings photo IMG_2952_JPGcopy.jpg 4/22/13 Happy monkey photo DSC00400_zps225198c2.jpg">

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