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When the news is bad

Watching the news on TV, or following too many news sites, can harm the peace of an unschooling home. Some moms, especially when their children are young, have found more peace if they focus inward on their children than outward far away.

I stopped watching the news much when I had baby Kirby and couldn't handle negativity or stories of wounded babies. I figured when I didn't have young children, I'd watch the news again. Kirby is 29, and I avoid it still.

If someone WANTS to be afraid and pissed off, even on a fairly peaceful day, all it takes is to turn the news on and let it affect your entire nervous system, your digestive system, your adrenal glands and hormones, your chance of trusting your neighbors, or of sleeping peacefully.

If ten million people are angry and pissed off, the world will not be better if another million people add their anger, fury, sorrow, and cry and lose sleep. It won't help if it's twelve or fifteen million people, or a billion people.

It won't help if ONE more person gets upset. And if they have children, they're harming more people than themselves.

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The art was going around facebook. Thanks to Kelly D., I know it was by Bruce Beattie.
So I looked, and thanks to this blog, I know that it's not on his regular website : What Can We Do To Lessen The Grip Of Fear From Terrorism? on the blog "Apartment 46."

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