Food pressure in the mainstream
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A young mother I have known personally all her life (not an unschooler) wrote something harsh on facebook and "got support." I don't know the other respondents. I changed the name.
Has anyone else had to deal with food ungratefullness? I keep threatening to feed Arlan the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory food--as in bread for breakfast, boiled potatoes and cabbage for lunch and cabbage soup for dinner. But I wonder if there is a better way to teach him that the food he gets is nutritious and abundant.

Friend 1: I'm sure you will get many responses, but I haven't seen that lesson sink in until the child grows up and fends for themselves. Keep up with the good example. If the child is hungry, they will eat.

Friend 2: I use to tell my kids 'this is not burger king.' They ate or didn't. He'll eat when he's ready.

Friend 1: ^ LOL my line was: This is not a short order kitchen. All I have to do is offer it. You decide if you are hungry enough to eat.

Friend 3 Unfortunately, I don't think they "get it" until 18 years or later. What is he doing specifically? Requesting you make something different? Kids are jerks haha, just keep doing what you're doing and you'll reap the rewards 15 years from now.

Friend 4: I think we all go through that. Just keep at it and try not to make it such a big deal that it becomes a pride point for him to fight you on it, is my philosophy with most things.

Sandra Dodd: I don't think you should do any of that. Food IS abundant. Give them choices. Be kind. It's a good investment in the future. Food issues are created, in childhood, by parents. The Full Plate Club

Friend 4: Sandra, I love your philosophy! Your site is so much clearer than anything I would have said but that's pretty much how we do things. (Facebook won't accept my "like" on your comment)

Sandra Dodd: I "liked" it for you, [friend name]. Too many parents encourage other parents to be cold toward and dismissive of children. Kids aren't jerks, and it's not funny to them when their parents dismiss them as less tha whole people.

(I might add more if the discussion escalates, but I hope that will put the brakes on the negativity. I remember being a child who was hungry and laughed at and belittled by adults who were able to get their own food later if they got hungry.)
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