The "Ouija-Book" method of getting unschooling help

Joyce page, upper righthand side

In The Big Book of Unschooling I mentioned on one page that if someone had randomly opened the book to that page, that...
Well there are two such mentions:

If you've turned to this page in random Ouija-Book fashion, welcome! If you arrived here methodically, page-by-page, you won't be surprised at what I'm about to say.
and on another page
Or maybe you've turned randomly to this page without reading anything else and you don't know what I'm talking about. This wasn't a good first-random-page. Maybe flip again, and come back to this page later.
One of the moms who bought the book that first day said she had randomly turned to one of those pages, and was amused by seeing that note.

One of my favorite things on my page is my random page generator. The art's by my friend Bo, and the coding was lifted from someone else's freely-offered random generator, but I did all the filling in. That was so fun I made one for Joyce's page too. The cool thing about random pages there is that any page links to all the rest.

In The Big Book, most pages have a link. Every page links to others; some of them link to Joyce's, and with a couple of clicks, to everyone else's unschooling blogs and pages. So in a "six degrees of separation" way of thinking, probably anything in the world is six steps from unschooling information, but any of these random book pages or webpages is probably two steps from exactly the information one might be needing. Or it might be exactly what one needs.

An excellent Ouija-Book Example .
Big Book of Unschooling, order page Joyfully Rejoycing Connections