You clicked "Spot." Why?

1. I want to know how you knew my dog's name was SPOT!

I just knew.

2. My dog's name is not Spot!

It was a figure of speech. An idiomatic expression. Try not to be so literal!

3. I don't have a dog!

See #2 above, or else get a dog.
If you name him "Spot," see #1 above.

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but it would be rude and I'm a very busy person (ideally; sometimes).

This is one of the oldest pages on my website. In March 2011, I got a very cool note from Denaire Nixon:
I clicked on Spot. Yes we do have a dog named Spot, she has one big spot on her side. Too funny. Here's a picture of Spot and Harrison.
She gave me permission to share this fun fact and image.