Known Errors and Problems in The Big Book of Unschooling

The table of contents is automatically created by Word, but I can still edit it afterword. I'd like for the next one to be a smaller font, and only to say "Table of Contents" once. Otherwise, I think it works.

The foreword by Pam Sorooshian should have started on a right-side, odd-numbered page, ideally.

On xvii, in my acknowledgements page (the page I write after all the proofreading), I fumbled the bit about Flo Gascon having asked me to let her include a book in the conference participants' bags, if they wanted to pre-order one. I just need to mess with the tense, or something, for next time.

On page 3 there's a little box. There were many when the book was first turned to a PDF. It had to do with html going through Word and then to PDF. It was a long electronic journey , though it seemed to never leave my house.

page 7 should not say "decides" in "If both parents are working and decide..."

There will be a repair on page 10. I salute anyone who understood the original on one reading, but Beth Moore has repaired it:

Although much of this book and even more of the website are about specific things you can do with your children and how you might do them, unschooling parents need to change from rules to principles. Instead of saying “This is what you do, because I say so,” consider the purpose of the requested action and the accompanying emotional or relationship damage, if any.
On page 65, last sentence of 5th paragraph down, missing a 'to.' To read: "It's not too late for you to do something different, from now on."

Loving the book! Thank you!
Dina Pugliese

Hi Sandra. Just wanted to let you know there are two of those little boxes on page 113, just after the colon, before the example and one on page 114, beginning the middle paragraph. —Dina :)

page 165 involved chewing a gumball, not eating one.

page 228, "It does happen at lots of unschoolers' houses" is the right way. Not a comma after unschoolers, but an apostophe (possessive)

page 257 there's an extra one of those: "

on page 298 the quoted name of the article doesn't match the title at the top. I guess it's been that way for years.

On page 310, "calligraphy" should be "calligraph."

In the bio at the end I said Keith and I met in 1978. We met in 1977. We weren't "an item" until 1978.

I hope those are all the errors, but if you find any others I'd love to add them here and repair them for the next printing! Seriously—it doesn't hurt my feelings. You're doing a favor for many future readers!

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