I noticed a couple of instances where I made a series of three things, and decided to collect them.

Words are Sandra Dodd's unless otherwise credited.

This has two series, in a piece of writing not much longer than this! It was written for Just Add Light and Stir.
Change one thing. Smile one sweet smile. Say one kind thing

If that felt good, do it again. Rest. Watch. Listen.

Mary King Shawley has a blog post called Generous, thoughtful, considerate humans
I didn't realize until I wrote this that each started with the same letter:
Explore it. Expect it! Enjoy it.

From To Get More Jokes, or "Thinking and Learning and Bears"
by Sandra Dodd, 2007
Did the subtitle "Learning and Thinking and Bears" remind you of anything? Forestry and conservation? Animal behavior studies? The Three Bears? The Wizard of Oz? All of those and other things?

What if it had been

Wishing and Hoping and Bears?
Lions and Tigers and Learning?
Lions and Tigers and Jokes?
and in context, it's about all playing leading to learning.
Small Words Word appreciation—some thoughts about writing