I never spoke in Colorado

There was a story of some stupid thing I said when I spoke in Boulder. I didn't hear details, but it wasn't me.

Original, on facebook

I said, one day, that I was going to put it on my site, but I got distracted. It came back up in facebook memories, so to defend my posthumous self someday, I've added it here 5/4/22:

Question asked to me on my page, public post, May 4, 2017:
To clear something up, have you spoken in Boulder, Colorado within the last few years?
Sandra Dodd:
This is to settle a bar bet? 🙂
I've never spoken in Boulder. I visited and hung out in Fort Collins, but didn't "speak." I've never done any presentation in Colorado.
She who asked:
Thank you! There are some people misremembering another talk and attributing it to you. This helps. 🙂
Jill Parmer spoke a time or two to a local gathering.
If you can provide more info, others could probably identify place/person and explanations or guesses, if you want.
Also, just in general, I've been blamed for lots of things other people said or did over the years, not just among unschoolers. It's irritating, and people should really be more careful with things they claim as fact.

It doesn't hurt me, for someone to say something untrue. It hurts their integrity and credibility. I do hope whatever it is hasn't confused people about parenting or unschooling.

Original she:
It wasn't Jill Parmer. It seems to have been Barb Lundgren but some are remembering it as being you. I think it's cleared up now. 😀
I wouldn't mind being confused with Jill Parmer. 🙂
Thanks but it was definitely Barb. 🙂

Me, 2021, four years after the original:
Thank you for tracking that back, [name]. I'm going to save it on my site, now that it has re-surfaced, in case people are looking for tie-breaking information when I'm too old or gone to provide it. 🙂

I'll take your name off; if you want it back on, let me know.

I'm keeping Jill's.

My feedback is usually good, but sometimes when it's bad, it wasn't even me they're remembering (or making up).