Free to Be Unschooling Conference
August 31 - Sept 03, 2017

I spoke in 2016 at the Free to Be Unschooling conference, so this was my second year.

Pam Sorooshian was there as backup for Roya, who was speaking. Lilyanne was a fun baby.

Gaming, at night, was nice. The hotel had indoor water and trees. Sylvia Woodman's family was there. I met Caren Knox for the first time.
Met Shawn Smythe Haunschild; had some of Brynn's birthday cake, in the atrium.

My sessions:

Practicalities of Unschooling
Joy, Health, Love and Peace

The Big Shift (panel with audience participation)
Your Own Certain Knowledge
In that last talk, I announced that it might be my last conference presentation. I have said no about one definite request and two possibilities, for 2018. I was tired of travelling, and wanted to be home a while. (Also, transgender politics were at a boil, and unschooling conferences were not being allowed to opt out, it seemed. I didn't say that, and didn't even write it here until 2021.)

Here I am, with a photo from the year before, with Lego figures made by Alicia and her kids:


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More of Sandra Dodd's speaking notes 2016 Free to Be (the only other time I was there)