Free to Be Unschooling
September 29-October 2, 2016

Jihong Tang was there, and her kids and her French au pair, in a camper trailer.

I met Alicia Gonzalez-Lopez and her family; they picked me up from the airport and helped make sure I had snacks and such. The kids were selling some beautiful Perler bead art and made me some Dr. Mario magnets (still on the fridge in 2021).

I met Alan Marshall, from Oklahoma.

Late-night games were goof. Played a lot of Chronology. Laughed lots. Sang.

Ate with some Colorado families, and don't have all their names anymore because I'm getting old. My comment on a photo Alicia posted (I don't know who took it): I like this photo, and I l ike these people. Robyn's hair is stealing the show, but I also like the twos in there—two striped shirts, two blue pants, my light shirt and Alicia's light pants, the patterns on Pam and Alicia. Robyn's leggings matching her hair. It makes me want to draw lines to match the pairs.

But beyond those sets, I like the set of us all on one place for a happy, good cause, at the Free to Be Unschooling Conference in Phoenix last year.

[the photo is marked 2017, and is in the Just Add Light folder, so it should be uploaded to 2016 and linked here]

There is a photo of Pam and one of me, also, probably also mis-labelled 2017, also in Just Add Light

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