Life is Good

May 24-27, 2012—Vancouver, Washington

This is the only Life is Good conference I ever attended. Mary Gold invited me to speak.

Most or (maybe) all photos by Shonna Lee

I LOVE this photo. I like that I know both of them, too. Shonna took it.

Shonna caught me talking, but then I talk a lot. And I was up there... you know... to talk. 🙂 NICE banners. I'm glad to have a photo of that. I took a camera up there with me to get a photo of the room from the podium, but forgot to do it.

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I did three presentations, was on a panel, and led a singing funshop. Stayed two days extra and met with people in a suite Robin Bentley had taken for the purpose; she made us meals there, and we played games when the groups were small

Personal knowledge is a web inside us of images, ideas, feelings, memories, fantasies and experience. Learning happens when we take in something new and connect it to what we already knew. There are ways to enable that in yourself and to facilitate it in your children.

Balance (listen or download)
Too much or too little? Too soon or too late? All of it or none of it? People can be balanced, or they can be unbalanced. (No, wait— that's another false dichotomy, and another example of dualism.) Where's a good balance point for unschooling, in a real-world life?

Food at an Unschooling Table
When children make their own choices about foods, they learn to listen to their bodies and they become generous with others. There are other unexpected benefits of helping children explore food on their own terms. Food is a crucial component of a peaceful unschooling life, and the same principles that apply to other kinds of learning apply to food, too.

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