Edinburgh, 2011

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Morning talk:

Unschooling information and inspiration
Many ways to create an environment in which natural learning can flourish
I learned later that Autonomous Ed and unschooling were NOT the same thing (more notes below).

Afternoon talk:

Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling
Some surprising outcomes of‭ ‬20‭ ‬years of unschooling
Unschooling Information and Inspiration

Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling

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Unforeseen Benefits of Unschooling
(Many people's accounts, and my outline of a presentation, with notes)

The file about Liam learning to read: I CAN BREATHE AGAIN— MY CHILDREN FINALLY LEARNED TO READ, by Carol R.

Original announcement, archived copy (Nice intro! The site's gone now; links will go to older links, or nowhere.)
Sandra Dodd: Talks in Edinburgh on Saturday 21st May 2011

NOTE: I learned later that the purveyors of the "Autonomous Ed" press/magazine in the UK were claiming that it was just another name for unschooling, but they knew it was not. So I'm sorry I added to years of confusion and disconnect. I didn't know better at first.

Unschooling is separate, and better. I'm sorry people in the UK were prevented, for many years, from participating more freely and openly in unschooling discussons, because of the repeated (and false) claim that it was the same.

Edinburgh Home Education Network sponsored my talks. They took their old website down in early January 2023. If you're in that area and you want to connect with other home ed families, join here: ebhe-main.ning.com

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