"Scary? Yep. Worth it? Beyond yes!"

For the parents who are reading and thinking, "Look. We have these rules because it works and it's logical and I frankly don't see why I should do it another way..." I hear ya. It's *hard* to shift your thinking from the answers that are easier for you to the answers that are harmonious and respectful and fun for everyone. It takes more work and energy for sure.

I still get stuck a lot over some things. But since I let go of tv/computer limits, and food limits, and thinking I had to teach my kids everything, etc. - and seeing how *that* worked out (beautifully!!!), I'm becoming more and more easily able to *trust* that these veteran unschoolers like Sandra and Meredith and Joyce and Pam, etc. know what they are talking about on other topics too. To ask myself, "What is my issue with this? How can I get past it?" and really open myself to a variety of answers. Scary? Yep. Worth it? Beyond yes!

Michelle Thedaker
June 2013, Radical Unschooling Info

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