Graham Dusseldorp

Graham Dusseldorp, an unschooling dad in Leiden, is thoughtful and wise, and I want to gather up what I find about and by him, regarding unschooling and parenting.

Graham had a counseling business for a few years. This is the bio from that site, lifted from a 2016 Wayback Machine capture:

My name is Graham Dusseldorp. I am a Dutchman, married to a Canadian of Punjabi Indian descent. We have two amazing children, aged 9 and 7. I love the three of them with all of my heart. This might be the most important thing you need to know about me.

My passion is to inspire people to see the potential within them and in the outside world. To empower them to take focused and courageous steps to live the life they want to live. An inspired life.

I am an internationally certified professional coach who has been working with people and organizations all over the world since 2009. These include managers at IBM India and the Netherlands Government, business owners in the USA, Germany and China and expats living and working in Taiwan and France. I have also had the enriching experience of living abroad in North America, Africa, Australia and Asia. My training as a coach has been through the International Coach Academy (ICA), one of the few institutions that trains coaches to qualify for accreditation by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Having two young children made me take a closer look at the choices I was making in my personal life and career. This brought a lot of great changes for my family and me. I founded Maple Tree to help others with their journey. I have been gradually moving towards coaching, and away from my work as Senior Policy Advisor for the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs. I am an official peer coach at the Ministry and a business coach at Zaak & Co for students of the ROC Mondriaan Vocational College in The Hague.

My style is open, understanding and empowering.

Maple Tree is based in Leiden, The Netherlands.

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