Jared Becomes a Fluent Reader
all of a sudden

As some of you already know, my Jared (age 10) was not interested in reading much....until last night.

While we were visiting Alaska, I picked up an adult beginning reader book, thinking he might find that more interesting than a lot of the books around here that either frustrate him or seem awfully silly.

I simply told him I'd bought the book and put it on the shelf. Apparently, he and Trevor were up late last night reading together. Trevor (13.5) was helping him figure out the words he wasn't sure of. This morning they were at it again...Jared is intensely interested all of the sudden, and he's READING!! I do trust natural learning..I do, I do. But to see a child go from reading almost nothing, to reading whole sentences virtually overnight has been most amazing to me.


And the really funny thing? His younger sister (6) has been mucking about with words and reading simple stuff for over a year. He's reading harder stuff than she is already. Waiting to read has it's advantages!!:) So any of you holding your breath over a later reader...RELAX. When they decide to read, it happens quickly and painlessly.


"When they decide to read, it happens quickly and painlessly."

That is wonderful for your son. Zach is 10 and has never been interested in reading until he found "Yu-Gi-Oh" cards about three weeks ago and a new friend who is very interested in them. All of the sudden, Zach is reading entire sentences as well.

As my uncle would say "Well, drop my drawers!!"

Julie S.

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