Joe's May 2013 verbal attack on Laurie Couture
and some details on "the apology"

The posts below were on the Clearinghouse temporary page on facebook in the summer of 2013.
I added a couple of paragraph breaks, but all text is intact, and from July 29, 2013.

Laurie A Couture Yes, I have been slandered by Joe on my Facebook Wall, and then he led one of the Martin private groups, "Whole Life Unschooling", in slandering and trashing me. I have the entire text of these incidents. I had temporarily posted a public document with the names redacted of the dialogues. I had asked for a public apology, which it appears that Dayna wrote. It came with the condition that I make clear in my response that Dayna had nothing to do with the slander.

I actually think she was at the Greens, or leaving that entire situation with the Greens, when the slander went down, so she probably didn't know of it when it occurred, but she was aware when she arrived home. The incidents were on 5/14/13. I only had found out about the slander of me on the WLU group when people sent me screen shots.

Sandra Dodd: -=-It came with the condition that I make clear in my response that Dayna had nothing to do with the slander. -=-

An apology that had rules for acceptance?

"I will say I'm sorry, and then you will say it had nothing to do with Dayna"?

Laurie A Couture: Sandra Dodd, Exactly. In fact, Dayna kept saying *she* "was the victim" of the slander incidents because people were now questioning her and were upset with her that Joe did what he did. I might have it on the FB messages, too, but she said it to me over the phone for certain. She never actually showed any empathy for what happened to me and kept saying, "Joe feels badly, he regrets it", yet "I can't make him apologize". I really pressured her to take some kind of action, because at the time, I had a public record up on my FB Wall linking to a password protected page on my website listing the FB threads. She wanted those down, so that is probably why she agreed to do it.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Green had recently sent me screen shots/conversations where Dayna was trashing me at the same time she had been telling me she wanted to work it out. Calling me "fuck face", mocking that I wanted a public apology, saying that everyone hated me, thought I was crazy, etc. She also kept requesting that *I* apologize to *the Martins* for "saying RU is a cult", which I didn't actually make that statement! (as if she had the monopoly on RU, too).

On the phone, she was actually making suggestions that a dual apology could be possibly used as a marketing or financial gain for "us". I could not believe what I was hearing- I don't know how else to interpret what she was saying, something like, "imagine what this could be and the opportunities this could bring us if we take the lead and show the unschooling community how we can heal and move forward"... I was really shocked!

Anyway, finally, she wrote something up and said Joe wrote it (I know Joe's grammar and style of writing and it did not sound like Joe's writing), and she posted it on my FB. She claimed to post it in the WLU Group (at my request), also. I don't know if she did that or not. (Keep in mind, at that time, I had assumed our families were friends!)

Jennifer Davis Green: I fully back up everything that Laurie has said because I have seen the screen shots and messages myself.

Laurie Stone: She said she was asleep when the slander happened to Laurie.
Laurie A Couture: She told me she had a terrible infection and couldn't discuss the slander situation with me, but then I saw she got a tattoo a day or so later!
Jamie La Salla: Supposedly Joe responded and said back "I thought you were someone else who was stalking and harassing my wife (again with the people stalking Dayna??), that's why I went off on you". I can't find that statement now, but I totally remember it (not word for word, but pretty much the same).
Jackie Heim: I can second what Jamie said. I remember that same comment.

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