Presidents of the U.S.
in trivia

There's a report of a typical day at our house that involved songs about presidents (linked below). Now I know of another song. It can't be added to that other page, but it has inspired a directory page for mentions of presidents on my site.

Now it's a history unit! Or a place to land for a minute before jumping out elsewhere in merry, random fashion.

Jonathan Coulton, presidents song:

Other presidential bits and trivia:

You Could Grow Up to be President!
"From 1891 to 1907, sixteen full years, not a single future president was born. So it’s possible that nobody born from 1991 to 2007 will be president either." (or from 2008 to 2024)
Typical Unschooling Day
One day at the Dodd house, bits and parts of many months before fell into a pattern, with music!