Later reminisces of Francois

Brother Hrolf (Leonard Servat) wrote on September 20, 2008:
While surfing the internet today looking for references to Mistress Elaine Darkenlight of the Silver Seas (in response to a question posed by an old friend), I came across your page on Francois Duvant. It brought back many, many memories. I first met Scott in 1975 at a tournament between Draconia and Axemoor in Baton Rouge. When I moved to Baton Rouge from New Orleans to go to grad school in 1976, Scott was a constant companion - along with Philip the Freeborn, Elham Trollsbane, and Yenoch the Time Keeper. Yenoch had gone to high school with Scott. Philip was his squire who was knighted in 1976 (I think). Elham was his squire and I was made his squire at the Crown List in Grey Niche in 1979. Scott was also a member of the Marching Trolls of Draconia which was formed at John the Bear Killer's Coronation as prince of Meredies in Gainesville, Florida in January of 1978. We will celebrate our 30th year in November when all of us grey beards meet.

My wife, Lady Brighet Angelica of the Blue Halls, was autocrat for Scott's coronation at the Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge. We were newlyweds at the time. We hosted Mistress Bevin (aka Katherine Kurtz of the Deryni novels) at our home. I was herald for the event.

We dropped out of the SCA but I would see Scott once a year when the Marching Trolls of Draconia went on our annual camp-out. His fellow Marching Trolls as well as a whole host of SCA folks attended his requiem Mass. He was buried with full honors in his persona garb and armor with a piper. Utterly fitting for him.

Most remember Scott as the consumate medievalist. He and I had a great time as Confederates. He shared the same passion as I for the South (anyone who wears a grey kepi to lead us in our first war against the Middle Kingdom........). He is remembered by his fellow Marching Trolls brothers.

I am as I have been for 30 years,

Brother Hrolf

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