Francois Duvant

First Prince of Meridies, King of Meridies, Last Baron of Draconia, Pelican, Flower of Chivalry

Say this, then, of Francois Duvant: that he was Chaucer's "verray, parfit, gentil knyght". Say that he was the first of the Princely lineage of Meridies, and that he was the first great Lion of Draconia. Say that he was the last Great Baron of that fabled land, and that he was one of the foundation stones upon which rose the great nations of Meridies and Gleann Abhann.

Say this, then, of Francois Duvant: that he was the shining star of Chivalry. Say that he was wise counsellor. Say that he was the fourth Crown of Meridies, and say that he never forgot the least good soul in his Kingdom. Say that his sword was ever swift, that his eye was ever bright, his heart was ever fierce. Say that there never was a truer friend, or more determined adversary.

And say this, then, of Scott Simoneaux: that he was that rarest of all things, a Good Man. Say that he was a good husband. And that he was a good friend. He was my friend.......

Say this, then, of Francois Duvant: that his name rings forever in our hearts. Shout it upon the winds. Sing it in the mead halls. Whisper it in quiet cloistered spaces. Tell the tales of his greatness, and celebrate the memories of his goodness. Tonight, he and Thomas the Wordsmith share each other's company on that far-off Field of Gold; let us keep his memory ever in our hearts and minds, that future generations will hold themselves as diminished that they were not able to know this man.

by AEdward of Glastonburh
first published in Gleann Abhann's newsletter

A Song for Francois
A Léoð Galleas

Gone our Prince // Silent  the mead-hall,
         Gan ūre landfruma // ástillian meðesele,
Still the darkness // Still the people.
         Āstillian niht // ástillian léode.
Dark Sword-wielder // Stood amongst you.
         Sweart guðsweord wealdere // Āstōd mid ðé.
Strong and quick-he // Sure and steady.
         Cāf a lāoht hé //Langtwidig ānmōdnes.
Stone of strength // Honor-bearer,
         Carr a cræft //Ārfaest-healdere,
Still (yet) our Leader // Stands he-ever,
         Géa ūre laedere // Āstandeð hé æfre
Stern (mighty) way-holder // Who will follow?
         Cræft weg-geæfnere // hwa sceolde æfterfolgian?
Sing his name // Shout his word-fame,
         Āwrecan sín nama // Gylian sín lāstword,
Raise your voices // Raise your flagons,
         Úp ābregdan éower héafodwōðe // Úp ābregdan éower cuppe,
Galleas Stronghand // Lives forever!
         Galleas cræfthand // Aélíf æefre tō alder!
Galleas Strongheart // Lives forever!
         Galleas cræftheorte // Aélif æfre tō alder!
Ædward gearwian
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