I want to save that somewhere. I want to save everything you write, it seems. 🙂

I mean I want to share that with others, as the kind of memory and connections, and.... something... that they should encourage and not discourgage in their own selves and their families.

It's a sweet memory that can be shared with anyone you want to share it with 🙂

Maybe because my dad died and I had a treasure trove of sweet memories to weave in my life after he was gone, I know how important it is. I try to make sure that Gianluca and Gisele have lots and lots and lots of sweet memories of me too. I want their memory banks to be full of sweet, laughing, dancing, singing, awe inspiring, loving, beautiful memories of me. Just in case I'm not always there. Good memories are so wonderfully healing to the soul. feels like THAT was the real beginning of unschooling for me. It still feels electric in my memory—
—(Karen A.)

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"Happy memories are good glue." (Becoming a Better Partner)

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