Articles on Unschooling

Vanessa Bertozzi'a M.I.T. theses, for which she interviewed a few families and one was Sandra Dodds, when the kids were middlin' ages, all home.

Albuquerque Journal, March 19, 2000

Scott Smallwood interviewed Sandra Dodd and several others who were at a weekly unschooling get-together in March, 2000. The boys who were interviewed are all in their twenties now and well employed.

Article in People Magazine, May 2006

Article on Markus and Ren Allen soon after they moved to Tennessee, with a photo of them with their four children.

They also quote Aidin Carey, who was 21 and making A's and B's in classes at Harvard. (Their family lives in Cambridge.)

Elle Girl Magazine, April 2006

They discuss Holly Dodd in New Mexico (and quote me-the-mom, and mention her brothers Kirby and Marty), Brenna McBroom of Florida, and Roya Sorooshian of California. Some of the summary statements are off, and the photo is not of any of those named above; it's a stock photo they had.

The quotes of their obligatory two "balancing experts" are particularly lame in this one.

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