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Notes on the best use of the Always Learning list:

As list owner, I much prefer quality over quantity. I'm not trying for volume. I'm trying to provide learning here so that participants can facilitate rich, fun learning lives for their families when they're not on the list.

Posts for this list need to fulfill at least one of these criteria:

ALL posts should be NO posts should be just a "thank you" or "me too" or "cool" or "LOL"

With over a thousand people we don't need greetings and good-byes. Be here or don't be here, and save posting for important messages to hundreds of people.

If you don't want to even consider what people are offering as suggestions, keep that to yourself. THINK about what you've read. Think privately, and not in a post that hundreds of people will need to read or ignore. Only post important, useful, honest things.



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