Radical Thoughts for Radical Unschoolers
Miranda Demarest
Good Vibrations Conference, San Diego; September 2009

Shared here with the permission of Flo Gascon, the conference organizer, and the approval of the presenter, Miranda Demarest.

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Radical Thoughts for Radical Unschoolers

This talk is less an exploration of Unschooling and more an exploration of how the world looks through the eyes and mind of one Radical Unschooler. Are you the kind of person who loves to talk about the taboo topics like politics, religion and sex? Do you like to think about everything, question everything, challenge everything? Then this talk is for you. Miranda has always been a thinker, but since becoming a Radical Unschooler, her eyes have been opened to a whole new world. Come take a peek inside her journey. Be prepared to be challenged and to come away with some new radical ideas to mull over.

Miranda's blog, Fall Down to Fly:

Miranda Demarest

Miranda lives in shining Ithaca, NY with her husband Cary and her two amazing girls, Alex and Emma, who have been unschooled their whole lives. She found unschooling seven years ago back when her oldest was three and has never looked back. Radical unschooling was adopted almost immediately upon joining one of the first national unschooling lists, although it did take her husband a few more years to come on board with that. The proof was in the pudding and the girls showed him they were on the right path. Being radical has always come easy for Miranda. Blame it on her hippy parents! Her challenge comes with being able to accept that everyone doesn't unschool.

This lifestyle has been such an amazing one for her family; she wants to share it with the whole world. You might have seen a few of her articles in Live Free learn Free or Connections ezine, or heard her speak last year at Live and Learn. She’d like to think this is the reason Flo asked her to speak, but she knows it is just because they went to high school together!

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