Kirby Dodd
January 2008, the little bearded ones. Click to enlarge:

Kirby was born in 1986. His full name is Kendall Kirby Dodd, after his grandfathers, Kendall Dodd and Kirby Adams. (Really, he wasn't named after that pink Nintendo character, nor that silvery vacuum cleaner.)


Teaser for a full-length film (not yet released) in which Kirby's a... character/actor. (bottom of this page)


Lord Magnus Gunwaldtsson, born while his parents were king and queen of the Outlands; squired to Earl Cathyn Fitzgerald; award of arms received from TRM Bela and Elizabeth, May 25, 2002


Played L5R for a few years and went to kotei
in Texas, California and Iowa
Took a couple of classes at TVI


No Graduation for Kirby
(mom-article on the unschooling site)