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Personal Taste—I recommend this highly, and I want to say why. It's from 2010 and is only 16 episodes. It's on DramaFever and Viki, but not on Netflix.

It's a romance, so good. It has Lee Min Ho, so great! He's young and very thin and not a millionaire, so that's all nice. The romance has minor obstacles, and understandable hesitations, and a few Korean-specific oddities, but it is not a horrible roller-coaster ride..

As with many dramas, there is conflict at work, an interesting nemesis (who was one of the actors in Chuno), and there are actors you'll be glad to recognize, probably, doing interesting things. There is a beautiful house. REALLY beautiful house I wanted to see more of. And I love the buildings and homes in all of these shows as much as I like anything.

And underlying all of that is a mystery (as many dramas have, too). It's a good one, it's solved, and then plays out nicely..

There is inter-male activity of a sort I'm really interested in. Posture, tone, physicality—a kind of challenge in just being there, and it continues with various dyads of male characters through to the end, so even though you'll be reading subtitles, maybe go back and watch muscle movement and facial expression and hesitations and flinches and little things like that. There are lots, and good, that even Americans can get. And if you don't care about that, breeze on by..

After you read this, there's another thread about it by Renee in March, but it says "SPOILER" right up front so you probably skipped by, but you could go back and read what shows in other comments.

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Watched it again (fourth time) early May 2020.

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