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"Distinctions are the backbone of human intelligence. For example, with the distinction: "You have a Box; you are not your Box," you enter a completely new level of competence in your business relationships and communications skills." [No single author credited; it's from www.callahan-academy.com]

I really like "Distinctions are the backbone of human intelligence."

DARN it, that section of their site is gone. Well, I liked it.

-=-Many people in our busy society have lost their wonder. -=-
Janet, on the Unschooling Discussion list, wrote that and sent the link.
I responded:

But the little kid hadn't.

That's a long article, but worth reading for anyone interested in art, psychology, how things are valued, context, culture, self esteem, finances ...

There's also duty and responsibility, though. Probably lots of those people were going to meet someone and didn't want the other person to have to wait, or they had the keys to the place they were going, and things like that. Faulting them all seems harsh.

Thanks for bringing that, Janet.


All sin is equal?

A little incidental exchange, in the wilds of facebook, friend of a friend wrote something that didn't make sense. The topic was the suicide of a convicted murderer.

She wrote:
No judgement - No sin is worse than any other sin in Gods eyes
I wrote:
I think the ten commandments outrank technicalities of diet and the components of woven cloth. I'm pretty sure that killing one's mother is worse than giving her a dirty look.
She backpedalled:
Oh yes most definitely!! I agree!! But as i follow the word and learn more everyday trust me there are sometimes i wished i never read it cause sometimes i wish i can find something that says i can judge or i can be upset with someone and then all i get is the ultimate thing our Lord wants us to do and thats love one another whether you want to or not-
I could not help judging her to be a person who was writing just to see her own pixels.

Someone wrote:
This young girl and her family though, enjoy horror. I am not judging...Though believe that according to data it can create PTSD.
I responded (edited together from two comments):
Not to be judgmental, but that's bullshit.

Did my magic words remove the judgment? "I am not judging" didn't change your summary that they "enjoy horror" and that "according to data"... (another "expert" you've recruited to your team) they are damaging themselves.

You're complaining about people's judgment, without using the word. You're being judgmental, and denying it.

If you can shake it all off and start clean, you might learn a lot!

There's a range between discernment and "being judgmental," and it's wrong to condemn all judgment. (and I linked this page)

Comparisons and Judgment
People say "It's bad to compare kids" or "...bad to compare your family to others." People say people should consider things without judgment. Are people right?

Here is the transcript, on comparisons (of kids, of ideas) and of the concept of judgment:
Transcript of Chat on Comparisons and Judgment; May 11, 2009

Good judgment

Without "judgment," how on earth can someone "use good judgment"?
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