Bright Ideas and True Confessions: How and What to Do and Why was originally printed on three-ring-punch paper and people kept them in binders. The cover art was by Mistress Rodema de Rohan, printed in two passes, with Riso Gocco screen print for the color section. close-up and details

The initial html coding was done by Lady Marie de Blois, in 2000.

The 1991 paper edition credits several local and out-of-kingdom folk who proofread or commented on early editions of the original Atenveldt Seneschal's Handbook or of Bright Ideas, here.

Preface · Considerations · Etiquette · Royalty · Being an Officer · Seneschal · Heraldry and Heralding · Tournaments Arts and Sciences · Chronicler · Treasurer · Chirurgeons · Autocrat · Welcoming Newcomers · Peerage · Language Use · Last-But-Not-Least Ideas
Sandra Dodd (a.k.a. Ælflæd of Duckford)