Advice to Remember

By Citymomx3
May 4, 2005 message board (no longer there)

Thank you all.

I knew posting to this board was a good idea. I am going to work on removing my own silly concerns and really focus on and TRUST my dd. The answers are so ridiculously simple.

I have to remember all this awesome advice:

  1. There is really value in EVERYTHING in unschooling.
  2. It's time for ME to de-school and examine all that I thought was true about learning.
  3. Initiate activities for me right now.
  4. Leave her be for a while.
  5. Connect with her where she NEEDS to be at this time in her life.
  6. Join her in her world and use all of that time together as starting points for great conversations.
  7. Really *listen* to her thoughts about things.
  8. Let her know that I want to learn about the world from HER eyes and HER perspective.
  9. Focus on Joy. Really. That's all I need to do right now. It's vacation time in my home...bring on the Joy.
  10. Do things for ME. Be curious. Ask questions and find answers. Explore. Create. Build. Sing.
  11. Unleash MY buried unschooling desires.
  12. However many years she was in school, allow that many months (of deschooling)
  13. Treat her like a fun person rather than like a kid.
  14. If I only look for academics I'll miss the real learning.
This list was originally saved by Rue Kream on the forum.


I looked for the original author, and sent a note to a similar user-name from a discussion list. Here was the response:

Hi Sandra,

Wow, yeah that was me. Funny, almost 4 yrs later I still live by that and all the great things I've learned from that board....

Angela (NYCitymomx3)

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