Hot Tub

We love this fire-and-water toy supreme, from the Snorkel Stove Company. Ours is a 6x3' tub; they make larger and smaller than this. It comes as a kit. They sell two kinds of steps, but Keith made his own (and the deck). Some photos of other people's tubs are here: The Snorkel Hot Tub Photo Gallery and Owner Comments with Photos. There are other families' photos here.

More photos are here, with views of the stove and set-up. (If that link doesn't work write to [email protected])

I hope other Snorkel Stove owners will join so we can share tips about maintenance and setup. SNORKEL is setting up a discussion area on their site now, so my list can fade; that's fine.
Diana, Hannah and Hayden's Visit
May 2005
Sophie in the hot tub, November, 2005
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How Google and a hot tub help me clean my house



Dutch Tub Pieces of art, and a fun site to visit. Many photos.

Island Hot Tub Company

Cowboy Hot Tubs
Stock-tank conversion. They also recommend using their submersible stove to keep stock tanks from freezing in the winter.

Sun Volts Unlimited, Ontario

Northern Lights Hot Tubs, Manitoba
Lots of photos, and a Cedar Barrel Sauna