2008 HENA Conference Follow-Up Page
intended for questions that didn't get answered during the unschooling panel
and other "and furthermore..." kinds of comments

FINALLY, some answers!!

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Can you talk about how unschooling is about appreciating living in the moment and not worrying about what's going to happen in the future? (living joyfully)

Describe a typical day for you!
Although there might be some new answers from panelists soon,
there are many typical days described here:
typical days

They're just children—how can they know how to learn all that they should know?
What is the purpose of an allowance with unschooled kids?
How do you say no if you can't afford something when we try to say yes to everything else?

Have any of you taught a foreign language?
Was it harder than normal unschooling?

How long are they going to play their video games? They spend all day playing their Gameboy. How does this affect them?

Won't they end up lazy?
Do they expect other people to make their life good?

The question about college makes me wonder. Would unschoolers seek to make attending college a goal? If so, why? What is the difference that makes college desirable?

How do you work math into unschooling? Specifically higher math (trig, calculus, etc.)

[This was one of the seed questions (in case we didn't get others) but I really, really like it.]
From a website about unschooling: "They used to call teacher's colleges 'normal schools' because their mission was to instruct in the teaching of norms, the basics of living in the society we all share."

I don't think I'm going out on a limb by assuming that these unschooled children are not being taught norms.

With any luck, the best outcome for these kids will be that they grow into misunderstood artists or some such. At worst, they'll end up criminals.

Note from Sandra, early May:

I'm really sorry this big plan of mine didn't happen better or sooner. I kinda committed the panelists to something without asking them first, and it wasn't a great idea. Other answers will come, I think.

Any day, any time, you can ask unschooling questions of lots of unschoolers all at the same time on one of the lists here: Unschooling Lists, and you might even get a response from one of the panelists from HENA, but definitely from other unschoolers! There are unschooling questions and answers here, too: Unschooling.info/forum, though sometimes it takes a day or three.