Notes on the Netting Handout, by Duchess Leah Kasmira

Here's the handout I had planned to distribute, and I have hard copies available (um, ten of them!). It's taken from Magistra Nicolaa de Bracton's web site (we have corresponded about this in the past and she helped me figure out some things). It wouldn't print correctly, so I cut what I needed and pasted it into Word. But to get the whole lesson, one should go directly to Nicolaa's site.

Nicolaa casts on a different way than I do and her knot is somewhat different from what I showed the class, just so you know. Her know is a bit simpler to do and I would have used it if I'd had my handout in front of me. So anyone who wants a hands-on demonstration is welcome to look me up and I'll show how it's done. And then those persons will know two knots!

Here are some web sites where more information and a few patterns can be found. Some have supplies. There are many approaches, and not all of these websites use the same knots. (supplies)

Guest Fest follow-up page on Duches Leah Kasmira's hairnet workshop, with many photos

Other directions and still MORE other directions